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The 4th Kamakura A Cappella Summit

September 28, 2019

Held at Kamakuragu Otomiya

Grand Prize Harakeji

Supplementary prize
10/19 (SAT) Held at Jodo-ji Temple in Kamakura
Appeared as a guest in 2019 instead of sickle!
A mini keyboard was presented by CASIO Calculator.

Kamakura Guji Award Adelie does not fly

Kamakura FM Award Karan Colon


​Kamakura FM Personality Award DC

The original jingles of the Kamakura FM Awards "Karan Colon" and "DC" are ♬ Kamakura a cappella.
♬ Kamakura FM will be on air for one year at Kamakura FM instead of the wording.
Kamakura Seaside Station from 10 to 12 o'clock + Kamakura Seaside Cafe from 17 to 19 o'clock.

Special Guest



A mixed chorus group that leads the a cappella world with outstanding harmony.

Debuted in 1994 with "Etoile-12 Star Story" from Victor. In 2001, he won the first annual disc award of the Japanese group in the jazz section of the US Open.



A mixed chorus group of 6 people who won the 3rd Kamakura A Cappella Summit Grand Prize.

Released 1st album "Utorhythm" in June.

"Sing what you can't see, as if you were writing"

​ It is a concept.

スクリーンショット 2020-04-12 18.35.16.png

Appearance 10 bands


Flower haze

Flower-colored droplets

Black x Yellow

Adelie does not fly

Hana Ichi Monme

Callan colon

Poetry sound

In modern


Organizer: Kamakura A Cappella Executive Committee

Venue: Kamakuragu

Cooperation: Kamakura Jazz Festival, Kamakura FM

Sponsored by: Kamakura City Tourism Association

Acoustics: Shonan Acoustics Co., Ltd.

Sponsor: AOI Pro.

     Imai Seiki Co., Ltd.

     Enoshima Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Casio Computer Co., Ltd.


      TK Co., Ltd.

Japan CDH Co., Ltd.

Magical Kitchen Co., Ltd.

Toshiaki Adachi

Mariko Onuki

Tomohide Saito

Keiko Sakamaki

Shinko Hamanaka

Everyone who sponsored

IMG_0228 2.jpg

Winner of UK-01 from Casio Computer

I had it as.

Practice using the mini keyboard immediately

Everyone at "Harakeji"


​Quap was awarded a certificate of commendation at Kamakura FM! congratulations!

2020 Kamakura a cappella
Original Jingle Competition

Quap's original jingle is selected!
This jingle replaces the lyrics with Kamakura FM
ON AIR as a jingle at Kamakura FM for 1 year

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