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"Pray in harmony"

I want to convey a cappella culture from Kamakura to the world and to more people.

I want to convey people's feelings through a cappella!

This is an a cappella event held in Kamakura for that purpose.

This year's stage is Kamakura Museum of Literature and Hase-dera.

It is a special place that is also a Japanese heritage site.

​ Please come and listen to the a cappella melody fluttering in the pleasant beach breeze!

1st 2016/10/1

Part 1: Kamakura Museum of Literature

Part 2: Hase-dera

It was officially recognized at the 1st Kamakura Arts Festival.

​1st Best Band

perhaps perhaps

No. 1 in customer voting at Kamakura Museum of Literature

No. 1 in the examination at Hase-dera

Also won the Kamakura FM Jingle Award


The jingle of Kamakura FM sung by perhaps

On air for 1 year from November

Also, it will appear on October 10th without a sickle!

With a professional jazz musician

The singing voice echoes on the stage of Kamakuragu

​Song bird

Hasedera Special Award

​Appearance band

Implementation outline


Organizer  Kamakura Museum of Literature, Hasedera

Production management Kamakura a cappella executive committee

Sponsorship  AOI Pro.

           Enoshima Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Bellwood Co., Ltd. (Kamakura Suzaku)

Kamakura Hasenowa  

Everyone who supports Kamakura a cappella 

cooperation        Kamakura FM

Sponsorship         Kamakura Arts Festival, Kamakura City Tourism Association


event date     Saturday, October 1, 2016  Rain or shine

Venue   Kamakura Museum of Literature 11: 00 ~ 13: 00

           Hase-dera  14: 00 ~ 16: 00

operation       Kamakura A Cappella Executive Committee and Volunteers 

Admission fee        free   However, Hase-dera admission fee and literary museum admission fee are not included.  



Appearance band selection by prior sound source audition 

1 stage, 10 minutes for each band 

Preliminary examination 9 bands perform at the literary museum.

Five groups selected by popular vote at the literary museum on the day perform at Hase-dera

Guest band performance during the judging 

The best band will perform at the Kamakura Jazz Festival held at Kamakuragu on October 10th.

The judges are Kamakura Arts Festival Chairman, Hasederayama Lord,

Kamakura Jazz Executive Committee Chairman, Executive Committee

Special Guest


Surprised the world by publishing a video on YouTube as Applel Girl
Yeo Hee's solo project. Lady Gaga's cover video that makes full use of the iPhone spreads in a blink of an eye. It will be the forerunner of YouTuber. Debuted on a Japanese CD with "Hear Me", the first self-produced work that even wrote and arranged songs. Released a handmade music video "I Am You".

As a model, she appeared in Mac Fan Cover Girl and Lotte "Xylitol Gum" commercials. Actively active, such as singing the CM song (cover of Eurythmics) for Kao Sofina "Primavista". It became a hot topic as a new type of home recording girl who handles not only music but also video.

MACHINA is derived from the ancient Greek word "Deus ex machina" to mean "an artist who creates new music".


Formed 15 years ago, a four-member singer who sings do-ups and disco songs, centered on oldies.

The formation started when friends who met at the bar started a cappella and sang at a party, which caused a great response.

Continuing group activities while having their own main business, they have appeared in many events such as the annual dinner show at the hotel, the Yokohama Jazz Promenade, and the Shinbashi SL Square Christmas Illuminations Festa. It creates a time that adults can enjoy.

​The 2nd Kamakura A Cappella Summit

Date: Saturday, September 9th

       11: 00 ~ 16: 00

Location: Kamakuragu

"Pray in harmony"

I want to convey a cappella from Kamakura to the world and to more people.

I want to convey people's feelings through a cappella!

This is an a cappella event held in Kamakura for that purpose.

This year's stage is Kamakuragu.

It is a special shrine in Kamakura Nikaido.

The hall of worship is the stage for this year.

Admission is free. Anyone can see it.

This year, a kitchen car will appear in the venue!

​ You can enjoy a cappella all day while eating and drinking.




















































Kamakura FM Jingle Award Birdland














From 11:00 to 13:00, 10 bands selected in the pre-selection performed. 10 minutes each

14:00 to 15:00 Final stage. The best 6 bands selected by the guests at the venue will perform.

From 15:00 to 16:00, the Kamome Children's Choir, Smooth Ace, performed wonderfully.

​ The best band will perform at the Kamajazz Concert at Komyoji on September 10th.

This is a paid event with many professional musicians.

The sound source of the band to appear was aired on the special program of Kamakura FM on September 17th.

Also this year, we asked all the bands to sing the original ♫ Kamakura a cappella jingle.

The best jingle will be used as the station ID of Kamakura FM for one year by changing the lyrics to ♫ Kamakura FM.

​ This year's Kamakura FM Award was decided on Birdland's jingle.

Appearance band (10 bands that passed the preliminary examination)



































































Special Guest

Smooth Ace

Kamome Children's Chorus

Hiroko Shigezumi and Gen Okamura, who met in the university's a cappella circle, formed in 1998 after working in several groups, and started working as a mixed chorus group of four people.
Yukihiro Takahashi, Haruomi Hosono, Yasuaki Shimizu, Kazumi Watanabe, Yasuharu Konishi and others have produced a number of original songs with roots in Japanese pop, popular songs, and new music.
Since 2005, he has added solo singers Tsuya Tomohiko and Lemon to the two current members, and has been pursuing the fusion of Japanese pop songs and chorus work freely.

Their original songs continue to be sung by many a cappella groups.

In May, a new song was added to the album "SING LIKE CHILDREN", and the complete version "SING LIKE CHILDREN Complete" was released from Universal Music Japan.

A children's choir based in Misaki on the Miura Peninsula.
Formed in 1972 under the guidance of singer Akiko Kojima, who lives in Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, it currently consists of about 25 members aged 4 to 13.

He started producing CDs in 2008 and has released many works such as the albums "Baked Fish Dinner" and "Internet Blues".
It is a unique chorus that also participates in the albums of Saori Yuki, Jiro Sugita, and Moriya Saito of the piano duo "Les Freres".

The producer is Mr. Hiromitsu Fujisawa, who worked on artists such as Kazufumi Miyazawa, Lisa Ono, THE BOOM, Kei Ogura, and Hiroshi Takano.

Kamakuragu Miyaji Award Tappi Misaki

Among the original jingles, the one selected for the Kamakura FM Jingle Award was


What lyrics from ♬ Kamakura A Cappella Summit

♬ 82.8 kamakura FM Recorded live on stage instead of ~.

This jingle is a live broadcast program of Kamakura FM for one year from October

"Kamakura Seaside Station" (10:00 to 12:00)

Inside Seaside cafe 828 (17: 00-19: 00)

It will be on air at the weather forecast corner .

Tappi Misaki who turned his fist and grasped the customer's feelings centering on the lead of a unique singing voice.

The priest's heart was also firmly grasped.

Organizer: Kamakuragu

Cooperation: Kamakura FM, Kamakura Jazz Festival

Sponsored by: Kamakura City Tourism Association

Sponsor: AOI Pro.

       Enoshima Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

TK Co., Ltd.

Life Appraisal Research Office Co., Ltd.

Lord de Marie Setuko Oki


       Ono Otolaryngology

Monceau Fleur

Kamakura Komachi

Everyone who supported us with crowdfunding

Production management: Kamakura a cappella executive committee


Best band Quap

The 2nd Kamakura A Cappella Summit

The highest award is Quap

A four-voice four-member group from the science university a cappella circle, chum.

It is a feat in about 3 months from the formation.

The next day, we will perform at the Kamakura Jazz Festival, a paid concert held at Jodo-shu Temple in Kamakura!

I got a big applause from a discerning jazz fan.

And what I was most happy about was the applause from the professional musicians on the same stage.


鎌倉FM ジングル賞 Birdland

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