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​About the Kamakura A Cappella Summit


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最優秀賞       天泣

鎌倉FMジングル賞  天泣  

鎌倉宮宮司賞 燕子花

​   ●(ビッグドット)


​ツイキャスプレミア有料配信にて    ¥1000

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​About the Kamakura A Cappella Summit

A cappella is unaccompanied music composed only of human voice.

Italian church music is said to be the etymology.

As you can see from that, it was originally prayer music.

In Kamakura, a shrine and temple church where the three religions work together, each one is a cappella with all their thoughts.

Play harmony.

All human voices are music.

Is there such an ultimate instrument?

People become music.

That is a cappella.

In the first part, 10 groups selected in the preliminary examination will appear.

Customers who come to the venue choose the 5 bands that will advance to the final of the second part.

Ask them to vote for No. 1 with the voting ticket that comes with the program.

After the second part, we ask a special guest to appear.

The second part will be judged by Kamakura Guji, Kamakura Jazz Executive Committee Chairman, and Kamakura A Cappella Executive Committee.

The best band can perform at the paid music event "Kamakura Jazz" held in the same Kamakura.

You get the right to perform a cappella on the same stage as a professional musician.

(In 2021, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the holding of sickle jazz was canceled, so it will not be held)

In addition, Kamakura a cappella asks you to compose an original jingle within 15 seconds.

A cappella is also attractive because it can be arranged as you like.

I want you to acquire the technique by challenging not only copying but also harmony with originality.

The song selected as the best jingle will be on air at Kamakura FM for one year with the lyrics changed.

Our harmony will be broadcast on the radio for a year.

Would you like to be thrilled?

It also makes sense to have customers elected in Part 1.

Not only the goodness of the song, but also the performance and direction on the stage,

And how much can you appeal to general customers, including song selection?

How to get your heart.

This is a unique feature of Kamakura a cappella that is not found in other a cappella events.

Customers also listen seriously to choose their No. 1.

They really enjoy the music.

The theme is "Put your feelings on harmony"

I want the harmony that moves my heart to resonate in the land of Kamakura.

From Kamakura to the world a cappella.

Let's get excited together.

Thank you.

Kamakura a cappella executive committee representative

Yukio Makino

最優秀賞      薫風
鎌倉宮宮司賞    氷白玉宇治金時ミルク
鎌倉FMジングル賞  maven
鎌倉FMパーソナリティ賞 小峯御鐘ノ台大堀切

最優秀賞      LAID BACK
鎌倉宮宮司賞    カルチェラタン
鎌倉FMジングル賞  LAID BACK
鎌倉FMパーソナリティ賞 あんちゃんしか勝たん

2020年 カマクラ・アカペラ・サミット
鎌倉FMジングル賞 Quap

最優秀賞      はらけーじ
鎌倉宮宮司賞    アデリーは飛ばない
鎌倉FMジングル賞  カランコロン
鎌倉FMパーソナリティ賞 D.C.

​最優秀賞                   suisai
鎌倉じゃず賞     あまがさ
鎌倉宮宮司賞     綾
鎌倉FMジングル賞   女子力向上委員会
​鎌倉FMパーソナリティ賞 Kipps 

最優秀賞       Quap
鎌倉宮宮司賞     たっぴみさき
鎌倉FMジングル賞   Birdland

最優秀賞       perhaps
長谷寺特別賞     歌詠鳥
​鎌倉FMジングル賞   perhaps

主催・運営 カマクラアカペラ実行委員会   

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